Michael Brady



Michael Brady was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in the San Fernando valley area.

His earliest musical achievement started with the Mitchell Boys Choir in Los Angeles. This live-in school was an unusual combination of musicianship, artistry and versatility that shaped Michael’s early education with vocal harmonies and arrangements. He began touring with the choir performing for numerous dignitaries overseas and television and radio shows at the early age of nine and ended his involvement at the age of 14 to attend high school and attend UCSB in Santa Barbara.

He then joined the popular band, The Sandpipers, and began touring all over the world with such hits as “Guantanamera” and “Come Saturday Morning”. He played guitar, sang and sometimes played bass. He was also hired by the Beach Boys to do in studio vocal arrangements for the group. He later worked with Mike Love from the Beach Boys and was a co-writer as well as a vocalist and bass player for the Mike Love solo album.

He met Jim Messina while performing with his band, Oasis, in Santa Barbara, California. He worked with Jim on the “Messina” album in 1980 and played bass and sang on the album. He then toured with the Captain and Tennille band playing bass, singing and writing vocal arrangements as well as recording vocals for the popular artist, Al Jarreau.

He went on to further his education and attended the Dick Grove School of Music as well as The Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood, California. He became a musical director from 1993 to 2017 while continuing his recording and touring career with various artists. He then joined up with Jim Messina once again in 2017 and has been touring with Jim ever since.

Michael also works with various artists and bands as a studio musician and producer. He has his own studio, Knock On Wood Productions, in Simi Valley, California.

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