"The Forgotten Trail"

Disk 1 - Epic (1990)

Pickin' Up The Pieces

Grand Junction

Consequently So Long

First Love

Calico Lady

My Kind Of Love

Hard Luck

Last Call (Cold Enchilada #3)

Honky Tonk Downstairs

Hurry Up

You Better Think Twice

Anyway Bye Bye

I Guess You Made It

C'mon, Hear That Music

Kind Woman

Just For Me And You

Bad Weather

Lullaby In September


"The Forgotten Trail"

Disk 2 - Epic (1990)

You Are The One

From The Inside

A Good Feelin' To Know

I Can See Everything

And Settlin' Down

Blue Water

Fool's Gold

Nothin's Still The Same

Skunk Creek

Here We Go Again

Crazy Eyes

Get In The Wind

Believe Me

Rocky Mountain Breakdown

Faith In The Families

Western Waterloo

Whatever Happened To Your Smile

Sagebrush Serenade